With ZNF Medical Transcription, your providers choose how they dictate. Whether they’re most comfortable with a handheld recorder or an iPhone or Android device, ZNF’s secure system can accommodate their dictations. Providers can also dictate using any combination of their EMR dictation module, tablet PCs, laptop or desktop PCs, cell phone, and/or landline phones.

Dictate on Any Device

Dictation Methods for all Device Transcriptions

Dictate as You Normally Speak

No need to speak slowly, dictate punctuation, or provide formatting commands! We’ll load your letterhead and templates in our system and prepare your documents in your format. There’s no need for your providers to worry about punctuation and formatting.

Highly Customizable Medical Dictation Features

Because ZNF owns and controls the hardware used to provide its service, we are able to offer customizations that you typically won't find with other medical dictation services. ZNF Medical Transcription also has access to the central database at the core of its software platform. This permits us to receive medical dictation from any device, customize document workflow and reporting, and set up personalized alerts. To learn more about our secure environment, visit our page on HIPAA compliant medical transcription.