All Inclusive Medical Transcription Rates

There are no hidden costs with ZNF Medical Transcription.  You won’t pay an account setup fee or be surprised by extra charges. Our contracts have no fixed term, no minimum volume, and no minimum invoice amount.  Our per-line medical transcription rates are truly all-inclusive.  They include:
  • Dictation equipment
  • Transcription
  • Medical Transcription Company ZNF
  • STAT processing
  • Unlimited usernames to access our transcription management system
  • Data storage and data backups
  • Document distribution
  • Technical support and account management


You’ll find it easy to review and audit ZNF invoices for accuracy.  Our simplified billing process provides document-by-document invoice detail.

  • Microsoft Word is used to count characters and lines (not proprietary software).
  • Only characters that ZNF transcribes are counted.
  • Text in MS Word headers and footers are not counted.
  • Additions and edits made by physicians are not counted.

ZNF Medical Transcription Sample Invoice


ZNF also offers flexible pricing.  For example, if you prefer medical transcription rates that are based on a per-document charge or per document type, we can provide that.  Fill out the form on the right to contact us and learn more.

Best Medical Transcription Rates